About Us

Sarthak Engineering has been started keeping in view customer’s demand for used / reconditioned machinery. Since the beginning we are involved in selling and servicing of reconditioned separators for Dairy, Edible Oil, Pharma and other various industries. We stock a wide range of machineries of GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval make sourced worldwide. We provide all spare parts required for periodic servicing of machines as well as for repairing.

We always care about fine and intensive detailing during repairing process, we follow ISO 9001 and ISO 21940. Hence, our repair documentation contains all records of our observation and working right from inspection to repairing, parts replacement and bowl balancing. As per our repairing standard and testing process we go for proper inspection of machine and its assembly components at the time of job receipt. We document properly. We record any visible sign of deviation or damage of components. We also take care of following activities in due course of repairing:

  • First of all, we dismantle machine completely, then we clean and inspect every component.
  • We do DP Test (Die Penetration Test) for major Bowl Components.
  • After that, we measure all critical parts, we check for any run out or wear mark and compare with manufacturer specifications and tolerance limit.
  • We use OEM quality materials and parts while replacing anything, keeping high speed and large centrifugal force in mind.

The moment repairing of component is complete, drive parts of machine are assembled properly with precision by our experienced team. The moving component called bowl is dynamically balanced to 3 gm of balancing tolerance with the help of two plane vertically balancing machine which is specially designed for bowl balancing.

Our bowl balancing capacity for Separators limits to 1.5 tons of weight with maximum bowl diameter of 700 mm. And for Decanters maximum weight we can go for is two tons and maximum length is 1.8 meters.

While assembling of separator or Decanter parts or its assembly after repairing, we replace all consumables like bearings, O-rings, seals etc irrespective of their condition. Then we go for full speed trial of machine. on a specially designed SKID which is equipped with PLC controlled panel and feed system for full load water trial od machines. We record vibration of machine at described locations.

Sarthak Engineering has played a very unique role in the industry is the result of our efforts to set new standards for quality and performance. We have long experience of engineers handling repairing, installation and commissioning of equipments supplied by us.

We have acquired ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21940:2017 in our pursuit to provide the quality services.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 21940:2017